Sourcing Construction Candidates

A recent survey we conducted found that 38% of construction candidates preferred to contact the employer directly about a job vacancy, with 33% preferring to locate job opportunities themselves on Job Boards related to the industry. In 3rd place at 19% was LinkedIn which was very surprising.

General Job Boards aren’t getting the same response as they used to, this might sound strange coming from a Job Board Company, but in truth, they are outdated and don’t home in on the client needs.

How often have you posted a job opportunity and received lots of CV’s from candidates that don’t even meet the minimum requirements never mind the desired criteria. Time is money, and spending hours going through unqualified candidate CV’s certainly isn’t making any money. 


Advertise a Construction Vacancy Today


More & more Employers are moving to niche job boards that offer a more targeted service.

We are the next generation of job board because we understand the importance of targeting and attracting the right candidates, in the right location. We have tailor our advertising platform to reach the highest quality construction professionals who are actively seeking new job opportunities.

The days of post a job and see who applies are over!

This is the very reason we created an in-house resourcing team who are recognized throughout the construction industry as knowledgeable and competent in their field with a personal commitment to reaching out to every suitable passive candidate available and presenting the opportunity to them.  


This makes UK Construction Jobs an essential tool for any Employer seeking to attract well-qualified and dynamic construction professionals

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