175 new construction jobs are created every day as Britain enjoys employment boom

175 new jobs for builders, brickies and carpenters are created every day as Britain enjoys employment boom

Employment has hit its highest rate since World War Two, with official figures showing there are now 2.7million people in work

BUILDERS, brickies and carpenters are relishing a work bonanza – with 175 new jobs created every day.

New figures reveal the construction industry are among the biggest winners as Britain enjoys an employment boom.

Hotel, restaurant, shop and IT workers also top the list of job generators.

An average of 1,000 people move into work each day as the recruitment rate hits the highest level since World War Two.

Staggering numbers of women and under-16s are joining the world of work as the jobs market defies Brexit chaos.

Sun on Sunday readers are gaining most from rocketing employment levels, according to analysis of official stats.

More than 350 jobs a day on average have been created in IT and business services and 230 a day in hospitality since this time last year.

Last week government figures showed there are now 32.7 million people in work – a record high of 76.1 per cent.


The breakdown shows that in the past year, 129,000 were recruited in IT and business services, 87,000 in hospitality, 64,000 in construction and 60,000 in retail.

Jobs minister Alok Sharma told The Sun on Sunday: “The number of people as bosses across the country invest in the Great British workforce.

“And that’s not just the case in a few industries. From builders and carpenters, to chefs and computer scientists, Britain’s skills are in demand.

“As we confidently prepare for the UK’s future outside the EU, its once again heartening to see the bedrock of our economy in full-time, permanent jobs offering opportunity to people across the UK.”

The latest figures also show that around three quarters of the new jobs since 2010 are in full-time, permanent work - putting an end to the myth that insecure work is widespread.