UK businesses spend £2.6 billion on external recruitment each year.. Why?

Dealing with your own recruitment really can be a pain free, and seamless process using the right resources and avoiding extortionate agency fees. How? Through Job Boards of course!

Traditional recruitment agencies charge up to 20% of a new employee’s annual salary, with Specialist Job Boards such as UK Construction Jobs you can effect the same outcome for a one off fee of just £89.00.

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If I were to ask you, “What is a Job Board?” Would you have to 50/50, ask the audience or phone a friend? While I am yet to see it as million-dollar question in any gameshow, it certainly is the million dollar question for any employer- no matter what the industry.

The Job Board is the go to for most, if not all, recruiters- the secret to finding the perfect candidate.

Let’s strip it back- Job Boards advertise the role, find candidates to fill the vacancy and only charge you the cost of an advertisement- no catch, no hidden fees- Simplifying the recruitment process for both candidates, employers and even recruiters.


It is no surprise that Job Boards are still the main advertising method within the recruitment industry as it is evident that the majority of candidates are using Job Boards to find their next venture. As aforementioned with regards to finding the right candidate, more employers are increasingly finding that the best and most cost effective place to look for new employees are specialist Job Boards such as UK Construction Jobs. Taking into account the increasing popularity of social media, Job Boards and professional networks, it is not difficult to predict that the future of recruiting now lies in Niche Job Boards, who cater to both the employer and candidate’s needs.

Why are Specialist Job Boards the way forward? The answer is simple. Specialist Job Boards can help businesses connect with more candidates in that targeted Job market who are either considered to be active or passive jobseekers. In this way online Specialist Job Boards provides both quantity and quality of hires, without the large placement fees-taking the sting out of the recruitment process.

According to a recent survey by online recruiter TalentPuzzle, UK businesses spend £2.6 billion on external recruitment each year, in the same survey 92% of businesses said they were planning to use a recruitment agency in the next 6months, Specialist Job Board advertising through companies such as UK Construction Jobs is a much more economical and effective way to meet your recruitment needs.

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